Boudoir Photography

Expressing the sexy, sensual you! Together we can transform any woman into the sexy or sweet,  stunningly beautiful or romantically classy, or we can pull out the darker side.  We are looking  forward to experiencing this journey with you.  Whether it is a sexy surprise for your significant other or they are just for you.  We are here to capture your beauty, your personality and  everything that is uniquely you no matter what age shape or size you are. Doing a boudoir with  us gives you the freedom to feel empowered, self confident, beautiful and sexy.

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Embrace your Inner Sexy

Your sexy side wants out. Flaunt your most alluring look with a boudoir photography session. Channel a screen siren, a pin-up, or showcase your dazzling personality in a photo session made to order for you. You will be posed in a way that expresses your most desirable style whether you are wearing lingerie, a sports jersey, or a dress shirt and tie in your portraits and not much else. The result is artful boudoir photography that will leave anyone in awe.

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Fashion Photography

Monroe Whispers Studio is highly trained in fashion photography. We do everything from  cutting edge high fashion, editorial, commercial shoots, to portfolio work and more. Whether  you are designing an ad campaign for your major line or updating your current portfolio we will provide the perfect creative service for  any project.

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The Sexy You

Monroe Whispers Photography Studio not only captures breathtaking images with a highly trained team,  but always provides a fun and enjoyable experience, with the utmost professionalism. This  Southern California based photography studio, led by Ava Monroe specializes in high fashion and boudoir photography.  She combines  her talent for high fashion styling and an eye for detail with your personal vision to create  stunning works of art uniquely tailored and styled to each client and event. Indigo studied  photography and design at The Art Institute where she learned vast knowledge of many  different photo editing techniques,  but truly gained her unparalleled creative edge through  years of CreativeLive and taking Masters Classes at WPPI (Wedding and Portrait  Photographers International) where she was able to learn posing, lighting, and technique  hands on from the most prestigious photographers in the world such as  Bambi Cantrell, esteemed wedding photographer and the amazing Lindsey Adler, a fashion genius.  Ava has over ten years experience in shooting professional photography and creating high fashion  cutting edge and boutique style shoots and setts.


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