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What is boudoir?

A boudoir (/ˈbdwɑːr/) French:  is a woman's private sitting room or salon in a furnished accommodation usually between the dining room and the bedroom, but can also refer to a woman's private bedroom. The term derives from the French verb bouder to sulk, or boudeur sulk or sulking, and originally was a room for sulking in, to put away or withdraw to.

Famous Boudoir

The photo to the left is the Boudoir of Empress Maria Alexandrovna in the Winter Palace at the State Hermitage (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

Meet the Team

Anyone that will see your photo shoot from the first emails to the final product are all females. This is an intimate experience and one we like to keep to us ladies. So, no worries of the gentlemen catching a glimpse and the potential of your husband or significant other feeling uncomfortable with the situation.  From first contact via phone or email all the way through photo retouching and ordering, we’re all ladies

Ava Monroe

Owner and Senior Photographer

The Southern California based photographer, Ava Monroe, specializes in boudoir and fashion photography.  She combines her talent for high fashion styling and an eye for detail with your personal vision to create  stunning works of art uniquely tailored and styled to each client and event. Avastudied  photography and design at The Art Institute where she gained a vast knowledge of many different photo editing techniques.  Ava truly gained her unparalleled creative edge through  years of CreativeLive and taking Masters Classes at WPPI (Wedding and Portrait  Photographers International) where she was able to learn posing, lighting, and technique hands on from the most prestigious photographers in the world such as Bambi Cantrell,  esteemed wedding photographer and the amazing Lindsey Adler, a fashion genius.  Ava has over ten years experience in shooting professional photography and creating high fashion cutting edge and boutique style shoots and setts. Ava thinks of photography as a way of life. Creating works of art, telling a story, designing the perfect set, styling stunning and unique fashion spreads, and capturing pure emotion are just some of the ways Ava stands apart.

Natalie Romanov

Director of Sales and Assistant Photographer

Natalie has a background in both boudoir photography and sales to make it easy to find the service that fits your needs.  Natalie has participated in hundreds of boudoir photo shoots from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.  She loves finding the perfect view to express a woman's sensuality.

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